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Hello! My name is Nook and I live in Nong Khai. I am a 21-year-old Thai Girl that love speed and new sports. I just tried something wonderful and there are rapids paddling that I find on the internet and I and my Thai friends came here to try and it was really fun.

I often sit at the computer to find new things to get a kick out of, I’ve tried it everything. I just try this in Laos and the photo you see is from Laos.

I have family in Laos and I can talk Laos and Thai and some English. I like to climb mountains, and now I have a new interest in kayaking.

I am writing this on because I want to meet a man who is a bit like me and who likes to try new things. I am looking for someone who likes speed and adventure but that may be my rock and my security in life.

I am looking for someone who can hug me at night and make me happy. I would love to be the one who will be your Thai Girlfriend and later your wife.

I do not care so much about age and appearance, it is not so much after all if you are honest and you have honest intentions. I want to give you my heart and my love.

I hope that you are the right person to see this and dare to write to me so we can start condition email to each other and see what the future can bring, and you might want to come to Thailand and try some rapids paddling with me. Big Hug from Nook Thailand

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