Thai Girls – Nooi

Nooi in Bangkok
HI! I am a 26 year old Thai Girl that lives in Bangkok. My name is Nooi and I come from Chiang Mai but I live in Bangkok and work in a office as a traveling sale staff. We sell sport equipment all over Thailand.

But I work too much and I want to meet a BF and start a new life. Is the way I try to meet my match on Single Girls So I hope someone is looking for a good Thai Girl with a big smile.

I like to travel and I do that a lot in my work. I love to read books and I love a good movie in my home with some good wine. I just start to drink wine and I love it.

Some I can just dream to try but the come more and more wine that you can buy without it cost 1000 bath or more for a bottle. I am good at cooking Thai Food and I love to cook fish.

I love the sea and go to the beach so I am lucky the days I come to Phuket on my working trips and it happens from time to time. I am looking for a man that has a big smile and a big heart.

I looking for you that can talk some words Thai and travel to Thailand before. I hope we can start to talk and we can see how we can take the next step. Hug Nooi

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