Thai Girls – Nong

Nong a Thai Girl
HI! I am Nong a single 23 years old Thai Girl that live in Phuket. I work and in a Nice hotel and I am responsible for Reception and receiving clients in over Phuket Hotel.

I love this work and am away up in the Hotel industry that I love to work in. I study Finance and Marketing and anything else that I learned while studying in Bangkok.

So one night I was alone in my small office my Thai friend was sleeping and I was out on the internet talking to my friends looking on some websites and I Find and it looks nice.

I like the idée to find a good man from Maybe Europe I meet many of them that come to Thailand. So if you want to meet a good hard working Thai Girl with big dreams I hope you will find it with me.

I love to smile and I love to joke when I can. I like to cook Thai food and I love to play Pool if I have some time over. I hope I can meet a good man that likes to smile and are easy to talk to and love Thailand.

I don’t know what you do but is not so important the only thing that I care of is that you will love me of all your heart and want to marry me when the time is right. Hug Nong

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