Thai Girls – Nid

Hello! My name Nid and I am a 22-year-old Single Thai Girl who love big machines trucks and cars. My dad works here and he taught me how to dig and driving the big Excavator you see behind me. I like my job and a lot of Thai Guys who come with their big trucks is be impressed when it sees me a Thai Girl in the big Excavator or in any of the big wheel loaders who load sand and gravel on the trucks.

I happen to go into the office and saw one of the Thai Guys look on the internet and I ask what are you looking at? Yes, this might be for you, No one comes here to find a Girlfriend and you work around the clock basically, Ha Ha Ha. That’s probably why Tok let me work here,

Tok is my dad and he probably thinks it’s good that I’m here, no one dares to flirt with me because they get the problem with my father, Ha Ha Ha. So he’s probably right I should probably start looking for a boyfriend many of my friends have already children and are married, so therefore I write this.

I am looking for a man who likes big machines, trucks, a car and all that. I hope you to have a big belly, which is nice and cuddly as I can hug when I need some love. I hope you like Thai Food because I love to cook Thai Food you become hungry when you work hard all day.

I love to drink a cold beer with the Thai Guys after a long day behind the wheel. I sit down with the Thai Guys after work and listen on their sex talk so there is nothing that surprises me and many of the Thai Guys come to me and talking about Thai Girls, Love, Girl problems and sex and all the things guys talk about. I hope I am all that you looking for Hug and kiss Nid Thailand

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