Thai Girls – Nat

Hello! My name is Nat and lives in Korat, Thailand. I am a 23 year old single Thai Girl looking for a boyfriend to share my life with. I am a Thai Girl who dreams to meet a good foreign man.

I live with my Thai Family in the outside of Korat my Thai Family living by cultivating sugar cane. I and my little Thai sister are working in Korat, a Seven Eleven store.

I like to read about home design, so I usually watch in the new magazine we receive. I dream of becoming interior designers but we’ll see. Now I am looking for someone who wants to see just me a Single Thai Girl.

I would love to meet a foreign man, a Farang as we say to share my life with perhaps here in Thailand or in any other country. I have an aunt in Sweden so that is a country I hear many good things about.

Maybe you are a Swedish man and want a Thai Girl Friend. I am looking for someone looking for a long time relationship leading to marriage and family with children in the future. Big Hug Nat

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