Thai Girls – Namfon

Hello! My name Namfon and is an 18 year old Thai Girl who is a single Thai Girl and looking for love here at I’ve just found this page when I look for a Thai Dating site for Thai Girls who want to meet a foreign man ho want to marry a Thai Girl.

After some clicking on the internet, I find and I thought I would write a story about myself and who I’m looking for, and with luck maybe you are here you who is a single man and want me as his Thai Girlfriend and maybe with some luck you marry me. I live in Tak with my Thai Family and my two Thai sisters.

Dad and mom have a small village shop near the road where we sell everything that people ask for. I am a big sister and a good Thai Girl I usually help out in the shop when I can otherwise help mother and do the shopping and cleaning and cooking. My sisters go to a Thai school here in Tak.

I am a happy Thai Girl who likes to learn new things and I like to learn the language. In my Thai village, we have many farangs as we say about foreign men living in the village with his Thai Girlfriend. So I usually ask if it can teach me something new words when they come to buy Thai beer or phone cards to top up their Thai mobile phones.

So I know some German, Swedish, and English. Its fun and I usually talk to guys who come to marry my dream is to meet a farang and getting married. I hope I can meet someone who is kind and likes to meet new people and who want to stay here in Thailand in the future. Big Hug from your Namfon Tak Thailand

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