Thai Girls – Namfon

Hi! I am a 20 years old Thai Girl and I like to see if I can find a Korean or Caucasian guy to meet and get married I am looking for love and a long life Together.

I am a Sweet Thai Girl I love to spend a lot of time on the internet and my hobbies are Dog training and play and look at football.

Like all girls, I love going to the shops and shopping malls we have in Bangkok ha ha ha. So, I come to find love and a guy with the big heart that can love me and make me smile all day.

I am looking for you that love to travel to Bangkok and love the people of Thailand. Maybe you like to live in Thailand with me its no problem for me to move to a new country.

But I like to tell you we can have a great life in Thailand too. So, let us talk and see if we can have a future with love. Big Hug Namfon

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