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Hello! My name is Namfon and is a 27-year-old Thai Girl living in a small Thai village near Chanthaburi. My Thai family owns pretty big Durian cultivation here in Chanthaburi. Durian is a large Thai fruit that can be as big as melon and is tough and prickly on the outside but on the inside, there is a soft fruit flesh that smells awful but tastes wonderful good.

I love Durian and eat of this fruit, and it is popular all over Thailand. There are some places that put up no entry signs to think that the fruit smells too much. I know a Thai Girl who does not like Durian. She says it smells like a sour old trash bag.

I do not know if it’s true but it does not smell as good but are good to eat anyway. I am a 27-year-old happy Thai Girl who is single and therefore want to meet someone to share my life with and why I write here. I hope to meet a man who would like to travel to Thailand or would like to travel a bit in Thailand and learn more about our wonderful country.

I can imagine living in another country that my Thai cousin does. She fined a man from England and now lives there and come to Thailand on holiday with her boyfriend and it usually stops one to two months each year when it travels to Thailand.

I am a happy Thai Girl who likes to work and I usually go with my father to the market to sit and sell Durian after we have harvested. I like to go over to my Thai cousins who live on Koh Chang to get a few days on the beach, and to show that I love to do.

I hope you write to me and you to know that I’m looking for someone who is honest and open and that is cheerful and happy fun. I am looking for a common man to share my life with. Hug Namfon

The Photo is Durian and it is a large Thai fruit

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