Thai Girls – Mani

Mani a Thai Girl in Phuket
Hello! My name is Mani I am a 25 year old Thai Girl living in Phuket. I work in the long way buses that go all over Thailand. I do everything from filling the drink to check tickets and answer questions from tourists.

I like to sit on the bus and look out on the road when we drive for big houses and small Thai villages and large cities sometimes you see new things, even if you have gone to bi-place 100’s of times.

Sometimes you get new friends and sometimes you have to be the one giving advice and listening. I love Phuket and on my days off are only two things I want to do.

I want to be with my Thai family and a day at the beach is something I love. I love to hear the waves beating against the shore while my Thai family and I sit and talk and have fun.

I am a happy Thai Girl who likes Cinema and going out with my Thai friends. I go with some Thai friends to a local Thai karaoke bar here in Phuket.

I hope I can find love here and I can find a good and faithful man who wants to live with me. I can imagine living abroad if you are the one for me. But I hope you love Thailand as much as I do and want to travel to Thailand often. Hug Mani

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