Thai Girls – Mali

Mali a Single Thai Girl
Hello! My name is Mali and is a 19-year-old Thai Girl who has just been to Phuket with my big sister and her Australian boyfriend. My sister took some pictures with me in our pool at the hotel that we stayed in. I like Phuket and the beaches.

We were most at Karon beach and around Phuket and we were out fishing one day with a boat that my sister’s boyfriend rented We fished half the day and then we stop at a coral island with a beach that was wonderful.

Here we stay for 3 hours for swimming and eating grilled fish with rice and a lot of drinking. We had a wonderful day and I was for the first time swim and dive among the coral.

I see clown fish and Sea snakes that hunted fish among the corals I LOVE animals. On the way home so we go fishing and a van picks us up and drove us to our hotel.

I come from Buriram to Thailand where I live with my family. I live in a small village but a lot of rice fields around us here live there so many families.

So there is not much to do but it has gotten better for my family. My big sister’s boyfriend helps us, he gives us the internet and cable TV a year ago.

My sister’s Boyfriend does not like Thai television. He wants to see the sport and football and there will be English subtitles. I would love to meet a nice man who wants to have a Thai Girlfriend.

I like to travel but it will not be so much of it when you live like this in the countryside. I mostly sit on the internet and dream of love.

I will help my mother in our village shop that my sister open for us. I do not know what to write more but I hope you will write to me and I promise to answer your questions and if you want to meet me in Bangkok, it’s not a big problem there is bus and it is quite cheap to go. Big Hug Mali

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