Thai Girls – Mai

Hello! My name is Mai and I am a 23-year-old Thai Girl. I live in Phuket and am working on this fine Thai hotel. I love Phuket and it is a wonderful place for those who want to have fun at night and for those who prefer the Sun, Beach, there are wonderful beaches that are all slightly different and that make it so unique.

Then there are all fine day trips can be made out to Phi Phi or Bond Island or any other island lives here little I an ordinary Thai Girl who would love to meet a kind man.

I live here with my family in a small house near the top of the mountain behind Karon Beach. We have a nice big bamboo house that I love.

I usually sit and watch Youtube and I like to look on the internet at Thai Blogs and am so I find I would try to get a story on this page. I am a member of Thai but I have not found one that I could think of.

Many Guys bragging about money and so on, I do not like those guys. I usually talk to my boss from Germany and he usually helps me sometimes to read some of my emails when I do not understand.

And sometimes he tells me that this man just playing with me and who want to meet such a man. I hope that you who come here are more serious and do not want to play with my Hart. Hug Mai

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