Thai Girls – Lawan

Lawan in Surin
Hi! I am a single Thai Girl and my name is Lawan. I live in Surin in a small village outside of Surin I work in a Post office. I do the sorting of mail and I take care of the people that come to us.

I am a happy Thai Girl that likes to find a good man that can be my boyfriend and later husband. I am a Thai Girl that likes to be with my family and sometimes I go out with my friends and have fun on Speed in Surin.

I love music and I love to dance and have fun when I can. After a night in Speed, we go home to my friend’s apartment and we eat all night and have so much fun and early in the morning we sleep.

I hope I can find you that can have fun and maybe you not talk Thai but I hope you can have fun with my Thai friends anyway.

I hope you love to go to Thailand and it is my home country so even if you want me to stay in your country I want to come back as much as we can.

I hope I can find love and I can find you that can love me with all your heart. I hope over love will be the best and we will grow old together. A hug from your Lawan

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