Thai Girls – Kwany

HELLO! My name is Kwany and is an 18-year-old Thai Girl from Surin I am a Sexy Thai Girl, my Thai friends and I have a small bar on one of Phuket’s many small coral islands. We have a small bar and Thai restaurant we have many guests, as will the speed boats for sunbathing, snorkeling and swimming.

We always have fun with guys so when we change and taking on bad clothes, ha ha ha, you can see the guys have that Sexy look when they looking our Sexy Thai Girls bodies and wish they could play with us. It’s fun to play bad Thai Girl some time and then you take a guy down in the water and play whit them,

and they are so happy when you have a little fun with them and sometimes you find a brave guy who will be a bit too much. But is what can happen when you play with the boys. I like to spending time in a beach chair and drinking cocktails with the guys and talk to them and get to know them.

I have many friends who come and meet me! I like to scuba dive, and sometimes, I go with One’s friend in his boat
and dive with his customers, its fun and its fun to see all the fish and coral.I like to watch the clownfish and all the other wildlife Thailand has.
Sincerely Kwany

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