Thai Girls – Kanya

Kanya (Small)
HI! I am Kanya and I am a 22 year old Thai Girl and I live in Sateng I Thailand. I work in an internet café and take care of the computers.

I have much time to look around on the internet and am who I find this website that I love to read on. I am a Single Thai Girl that likes to meet a man that wants a long time relationship or marry me.

I know we need to learn to know each other. So I do not want to marry you tomorrow. But I love to get to know you and when we feel it’s time.

I hope you will come to meet me in Saving or if you want to take me to a nice place in Thailand is ok too. I can come to Bangkok I have a sister that lives in Bangkok so is ok too.

I am a happy Thai Girl that lives in Saving City my family has a small shop and my sister live in Bangkok and work in a bank.

I go to Bangkok 4-6 time a year to do big shopping for me and my friends I love those trips and I do good money on the trips to.

I hope I can meet a man that loves to help me to grow and will be a part of my life. I hope you are like me like to buy and sell and make money to get a good life.

I hope you are a man that loves to do more than just work. And I hope you like to have a family and a life in Thailand. Hug Kanya

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