Thai Girls – Kanok

Kanok in Phuket (Small)
HI! My name is Kanok and I live in Phuket and I work in Patong in a Bank and I do a lot of paperwork and keep and ensure that all paperwork is in the right place.

We are about 10 Thai Girls in the office so we talk a lot about love and boys and last year one of the Girls meet a man on Thai Cupid.

The just make Visa for her so she will go to America with her big love Mark. I am a member on that website to but last week I go to my internet café and start to look for the link to Thai and I find Single Girls

It looks nice and I was thinking it was a good idea to try it.. I hope I can find a good man on this website and I hope more people see me. I am a single Thai Girl that live in Phuket and I work in Patong.

I live in a small apartment with 4 other Thai Girls. I love Dance and I love singing and I love to cook food. My mom has a small restaurant in Bangkok.

So I Try to help her much before but now is my little sister time to help mom and learn to cook Thai food. I hope I can find a good American or an Australian Man on this website.

I hope that want to have a Long time relationship and when the time is right I want to get married. I hope you send me a mail or come and look for me on Thai Hug Kanok

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