Thai Girls – Jeep

Hello! My name Jeep and lives in Bangkok, the 25-year-old Single Thai Girl. I live in Bangkok and works at a Thai pharmacy that my uncle owns. I come from Surin in Thailand. They have my Thai family and my brother.

Here in Bangkok, I live with my uncle, I came to Bangkok to study at university. But I needed a home and my uncle offered that I could stay in one of his availability. My uncle had just divorced and needed someone to help with cleaning his home and cook some Thai food.

And mom and dad thought it was good if someone in the family could look after their Thai daughter and give me support when I study. But it is many years ago and now I’m a big Thai Girl who wants to try my wings on love and I like to meet a foreign man.

I am a Thai Girl who often speaks with friendly tourists who come to the store and has everything from headaches to stomach illness. All foreign guys I have met are fun but I’ve been too shy to take the next step. So I write this on and hope that someone wants to write to me. Kiss and Hug from Jeep

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