Thai Girls – Jadee

Hello! My name is Nook and is a 20-year-old Muslim Thai Girl looking for a good Muslim man to marry. I meet some friends in Pattaya, who has writ on this website and been lucky to meet there boyfriends and one of them said to me, why not try and see what happens.

I talked to a few Thai Girls friend and the thing that I should try. I just want to meet a reputable Muslim man who sees a future with a Muslim Thai Girl and where marriage is a requirement.

I am a happy Thai Girl who likes to have fun but I like to go out with my Thai Girlfriends sometimes. I like to sing and I’m pretty good at cooking Thai Food. I work at a restaurant in a small hotel in Pattaya.

I enjoy working and I like to cook Thai Food. I work as a Thai chef and now I have even started to learn to cook western food because we have so many guests who want to have pasta or anything else that they like.

I hope I can meet someone to share my life with here at and that I hope I can have the same luck as my other Thai Girlfriends who have tried their luck here at

I pray to Allah that He will give me a man I can be happy and who can give me a big family with many children because I love kids. HUG Jadee in Pattaya Thailand

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