Thai Girls – Die

Hello! My name is Die and is a Single Thai Girl living in Phuket. I am a 26-year-old Thai Girl living in this little house with my Grandma. I have married a few years ago with my husband but he died of a disease and I have been alone since then and I have felt that it is time for me to try to find a new man.

You are still a young Thai Girl, and that was among the last thing he said to me and my mother was that he wanted me to move on when the time was ready.

Now I have told you about the bad things that I felt I must tell you. I want to go ahead and get new experiences I want to have kids and I want someone to hug and kiss.

I like languages and can talk German, English, and Thai of course. I think about my life in Phuket and I have a small business selling mobile phones and accessories.

I love working and I can cook everything from mobile phones to computers and so on. I’ve become one of that computer geek, I think ha ha ha.

I like to buy clothes and I like to cook and I always make Thai food for myself and my grandmother when I get home from the store. My Grandma comes to me from the village where she lives with my mom and dad and my siblings live to take care of me.

My Grandma has been a great support to me and I know that if I meet someone here so she probably moves back to the village and wherein I will live, we will see.

I am looking for someone who is kind and caring, I hope you find it easy to laugh and make you think about children and want children in the future. I want you to like to work and have a stable life. I Hope you Will White to Me. Hug Die

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