Thai Girls – Choi

Hello! My name Choi I am a 23-year-old Thai Girl. I single Thai Girl living in Pattaya. I have a small DVD and CD store in Pattaya where I sell movies to tourists. I and my Thai Sister are working together and I work at night and my sister takes care of our shop in the daytime.

I am a happy, friendly Thai Girl who would love to meet a nice man to live with. I know I could do as many Thai Girls are doing here in Pattaya work a little extra in any one of the bars.

But I’m too shy to let a stranger take me home to his hotel room and he takes off my clothes and then he has sex with me all night.

NO THANKS, I have no problem taking care of my boyfriend, but a strange man that I know nothing about and which I have no feelings for.

That’s why I’m writing this on because I want to meet a serious and honest man who is not older than 45 years old.

I can speak English and I do a little internet. I’m working hard so I’m not that Thai Girl who sits all night, talking to the foreign guys at the internet cafes. I usually check my Iphon where can I look at my Facebook and my emails. I am an ordinary Thai Girl looking for you a man with a heart of gold, kind and good to hug. Hug Choi

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