Thai Girls – Cherry

Cherry in Pattaya
Hello! I called Cherry my real name is Nga and is a 23 year old Thai Girl living in Pattaya. I work at a Thai massage parlor in Pattaya. We have customers from two large hotel located close to us. We have everything from foot massages to the oil massage.

We do erotic massage with a happy ending as a male customer inquires ha ha ha. I usually take care of customers who want foot massages are good customers and I usually get a good tip.

I come from Bangkok and I worked in a factory before I move to Pattaya. I wanted to stay close to the sea and Pattaya has such nice beaches. I love my life here but I would like to meet a nice man.

I have tried to flirt with some nice customers here but finally, my boss says that she did not want to see such a thing in her salon. We can talk to customers but only if they ask us.

I think it’s really sad because I want to practice my English. I was told that this site was from one of my customers who usually read on this page.

So I’ve been thinking that I should write and I hope that David is right that this is the right way to find love. I know I can easily start working on Walking Street but I do not.

I know that many of Pattaya find her boyfriend in a bar, but I’d rather avoid it if I can. So I hope for a mail from a kind man who wants to meet a good Thai Girl.

I have no requirements for age only that you are kind and you are listening to me and that we try to understand each other and not fight with each other. Hug Cherry

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