Thai Girls – Boo

Boo a Thai Girl in Phuket
Hello! My name is Boo and is a Thai Girl living in Phuket. I live with my Thai sisters in a large apartment. I work at a large shopping center here in Phuket.

I work in a data store and sells computers and Tabs and Ipad for our customers. I come from the ceiling, which is a town near Chiang Mai, where my parents live there.

But I and my Thai sisters usually try to go home as often as we can. We have just come back from the roof after we have celebrated the Thai New Year with our Thai family in our Thai village.

I like to be at home in the village and go with my Thai brother in the woods sometimes. My brother works with Thai Elephants and spends many hours with them in the woods.

I Love Thai Elephants am so big and gorgeous and it sneaks through the woods. I love to go up to the waterfall that is near and swim with them in the water.

You see how happy it will be and how much fun it is when playing with each other. But it gets wet and you have to be careful it can be dangerous and accidents happen.

I love animals and nature and I could live up there in the woods all my life but I do not have someone to share my life with.

Therefore I am writing this because I hope I will be able to find you as a happy and positive man who likes animals and nature and enjoys traveling. Hug Boo

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