Thai Girls – Boo and Kanok part 2 of 2

THAI GIRLS – Kanok part two
The Thai Girl that you see next to me called Kanok she is in the white shirt she comes from the same town as me, we went to school together and are best friends. I can tell that she is also a Single Thai Girl. She is very kind and I know she has a nice wonderful Thai Girls body,

and there are many guys who look at her and trying to look through the neckline of her work clothes all our Thai Girls who work here know that the guys can see too much but you get used to guys watching and there’s nothing to do about it. But she has a nice par of Thai Boob.

I think the dream of getting to do a thing or two with her and I can tell you a secret to you guys reading this, they are very nice Thai Boobs. But we’re not such a site with a happy ending as farang men once ask me about.

I did not know there was a word for that, happy ending ha ha ha is a good name. We are not such a Thai massage place and we are not such a Thai Girls. Hugs from Boo and Kanok

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