Thai Girls – Boo and Kanok Part 1 of 2

Hi! My name is Boo and is a Single Thai Girl living in Hua Hin in Thailand I saw a story on a blog about Thai Massage and thought that maybe there is someone who is interested in meeting me. I come from a small Thai village in northern Thailand.

But I went to a Thai massage training and now I work here in Hua Hin in a good Thai Massage place with many tourists who want to get Thai Massage and it’s nice and gives good tips so I can send money home for my mother and father in the village.

I am their oldest daughter and I feel I must help my mom and dad so it has enough to eat and money for bills my little sister goes still in school so I had to help her, too, So now you know a little about myself hoping someone would write to me. Hug Boo (part two coming soon)

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