Thai Girls – Beu

Bue in Pattaya
Hello! I called the Bue and is a 25 year old Thai Girl living in Pattaya. I live close to the beach with my Thai family. I work in translating documents from English to Thai on a small translation company.

I get to meet many different people in my job and sometimes I meet Thai Girls who dream to marry a foreign man from England, Ireland, Australia or the U.S.

One of these Thai Girls talks about the happiness she had when she met her great love of I went home and look at this page.

I certainly find her and now I’m sitting here, thinking that it might be possible to find love for me too. I would like to meet a kind man with a big heart who wants a long life together with a Thai Girl.

I would love to marry a foreign man. I am an ordinary Thai Girl who likes to be with my friends and I enjoy being with my friends and we can sit and talk all night and eat good Thai food.

We always buy from a wagon along the streets selling food and fresh fruit. I want to write so much more but I think it will be easier if we can start to talk to me. Hug Bue

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