Thai Girls – Ben

HI! My name is Ben. I am a Single Thai Girl. I work at a Thai Farmer Bank, which has an exchange office in Patong where I sit, and a other Thai Girl and switches currency for tourists visiting our beautiful City.

I am 20 years old and a Single Thai Girl, I live with my Mom and Dad and my Thai sister who is 17 years old. Dad works at the same Thai Farmer Bank as me and that was how I got my job as I am very happy.

It is a job that requires much care and that there is no rush and that you look out for counterfeit notes which occasionally will. But above all, you meet funny and nice people all day.

I have a little dream to meet a man I can live with. I am a bit shy and it is my Thai Friends who have shown this website to me. And help me to write all this and we have been to the beach and took a photo of me to hope you like it? I’m maybe not a beautiful Thai Girl but I have a heart of gold. Hug Ben

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