Thai Girls – Areva

Hello! My name is Areva I live in Buriram. I am a 23-year-old single Thai Girl. I live with my Thai family in Buriram and we have a rubber Tree farm where we lose the rubber from the trees and then sell to a company in Buriram which then sells it on.

There is much work that my father and my brothers they go and empty the Rubber every day from the cups hanging on the tree. What you do is you cut the tree so it bleeds and then let the rubber to flow down from the wound into a cup you hang on the tree. When the Rubber Tree stops bleeding, after a week you cut the Rubber Tree again, so it starts to get Rubber.

I am an ordinary Thai Girl who loves to get involved with Thai Hand Craft as silk, baskets as a mother and grandmother and I do, which we then send to our cousin in Bangkok, which she sells to tourists. Things are well for us and its fun. I like to cook Thai Food and I usually make Thai food for my Thai family.

For my mom thinks I’m good at it but I think she is a bit lazy, haha but that’s okay. We have fairly recently bought a computer and my cousin has taught me how it works. I’ve been a member of the Thai, but now I’ve found so I want to try to write something about me and I hope you might read about me and want to meet me.

I would love to meet you here in Thailand and then if we fit together and we have a good time and I will follow you home to your country to see how you live and where we can live together. I’m not looking for a hot sexy man but a man of good heart who is kind and romantic. Hugs Areva Buriram

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