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Apasara from Tak - Blog (Small)
Hi! I am Apsara a happy Single Thai Girl That live in Tak you can find it in a map look close to Chiang Mai. Tak is a nice small city on the rood from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

I live in a small Thai village deep in the forest. They are not much internet but my Samsung Tab works fine up here we are happy that we just get a new cell tower high up in the hill.

That will give internet and mobile to 6 – 8 Thai village in the area may be more if we are lucky. So now I can be online more I so crazy happy about this.

So now I can start looking for a boyfriend and I hope I can find him on Single Girls I am a happy Thai Girl that lives a slow life in my home.

We have over farms and I work hard when I help my family when we have to work on the farm. But the rest of the year it’s not much to do. I like to go to the forest and look for fruits or mushrooms.

I love the forest and I can go and lesson on the birds and all the small animals that make noise in the forest. I hope I can find you a good man that loves to travel to Thailand.

And thinking to meet a good Thai Girl to be with. I hope you can talk the same small Thai to it would make me so happy and make it more easy to be with you.

I hope you like to see Tak and seme I hope. I hope you are a man that love to smile and love to meet new people and are easy to talk to I look more for the inside is so important to me. Hope I soon get a mail from you Hug Apsara

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