Thai Girls – Anuia

Hello! My name is Anuia and is a Single Thai Girl living in Bangkok with my Thai family in a small Thai Town House. My Thai family has a small shop and a mother and her sister have a shop who washing clothes for hotels and the tourists ho coming to Thailand. I am a student and I trying to study for Dentists and dreaming of opening your own Dentist clinic, perhaps in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket because there are so many tourists that come there to have fun and repair their teeth.

Thailand is a good place for dental care if you not go to the expensive luxury dentists who will take over price. So it pays to ask around before you start repair for your teeth.

I have a Thai friend who has a foreign boyfriend and he always goes to the BK Dental clinic is good it has a dentist where he says.

She says he is afraid of the dentist and he is so happy to have met a good dentist that he doesn’t need to be afraid. I think it’s important to find a good dentist and I want to work with people who are scared of the dentists and save their teeth.

I have 1 year left but I find this Web page and thought I would try to meet someone and hope that we can build a serious relationship that can take off when my studies are completed. I am a Happy Thai Girl who likes to cook Thai Food and meet friends.

I like to study and learn new languages when I have time. I love to swim and sometimes I go to my Thai friends in Phuket, and then I usually go down to Karon beach with my friends and swim and have fun. I enjoy traveling and would like to see Europe. I hope someone wants to write to me Big Hug Anuia Bangkok

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