Thai Girls – Amporn And Phontip

Hello! My name is Amporn and my friends named are Phontip, we are two Single Thai Girls who are looking for a boyfriend to hug and kiss, 55555. Sorry for the joke A bit serious now, we are two Thai Girls who are really looking for two wonderful and fun singles guys to share our lives with.

We live in Phuket and w work at The Pizza Company restaurant. It’s a good job but sometimes we miss our home Thai village in Surin and our Thai families and our Thai friends. But we also lack someone to share our lives with; we are tired of Thai guys who just want to look for one night stands.

We are two decent Thai Girls who do not want to go from guy to guy, but just want a man in our lives. We hope we can find you here on and we think you might be from 40 years old but it is not so important but you are kind and thoughtful and that you are interested in a stable relationship and perhaps marriage in the future.

We two are quite similar Thai Girls in the way and we like to meet new people but we do not like guys who scream and fight but prefer a man who is more calm and stable. We want a man how not smoke but it is the only requirement that we have on you, except that you must be a single man. Big Hug from Amporn and Phontip in Phuket

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