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Hello! My name and Amm is a 30-year-old Thai Girl and a happy Thai Girl living in Bangkok, Thailand I am working on Big C I Bangkok I work at home electronics Department and selling mobile phones and digital cameras and so on. I have a good life and a good salary to be in Thailand.

I have a nice apartment in Bangkok with low rent and close to one of Bangkok’s Sky train station so I have it easy to travel to and from work, I have many friends and we usually meet and have fun.

Sometimes we go down to the local Thai restaurant in the street and get food and then go home to a friend and we sit down and talk about everything that has happened since the last time we meet and we can sit and talk and have fun and eat, eat and eat there is so much food go to Thailand and good fruit.

We like to eat Thai Girls several times per day when we have party and fun and so we like to drink cola and a bit Mengkong Or a bit Whisky and cola that is what I think and some Singa beer glass at the end of the evening.

I have a daughter who lives in Si Sa Ket some distance from Surin if you know this city with my parents, because when I gave birth to my Thai daughter, my boyfriend died in a traffic accident, where he was hit by a truck that he did not see in the dark on the way home.

So I had to start looking for jobs but there was no in Si-Si Ket but I got the help of a cousin who knew one of the Boss of the Big C in Bangkok who had a job for me, my daughter is now 6 years old and about to start school I do not take her down to Bangkok, for she has all her friends in the village but I will help mom and dad financially and send home a part of my salary.

So that they can afford to pay electricity and buy clothes and food for themselves and my Thai daughter, my parents are poor but they are they have a small house where they live with my daughter, and they have money to buy the food they need, my parents is rice farmers and the grow Thai chili and Thai basilica and have a 6 chicken and a buffalo that Dad used to plow rice fields with.

Now, after many years as a single so I begin to look for someone to meet for a stable relationship and hope this is the way, I hope soon I can marry a good man. Who likes me but also my Thai daughter, I dream to have children so that my Thai daughter might get a baby brother or a baby sister.

I am willing to relocate from Thailand if you are right but I’d like to stay in Thailand! But I hope you want to meet me and we can talk first via email I can speak a little English but understands most things you just talk slowly! Hope you want to meet a cute and good Thai Girl
Big Hug and Kiss Amm
Thailand Bangkok

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