Thai Girl – Wansan

Hello! I am one of many Thai Girls looking for love on the Internet. I sit here on a Thai Airways flights to Phuket.

But in my dreams, I find myself on a Thai Airways flight to another country. To the man who is the big love in my life.

I have just read a story and think this web site is a chance to fine true love. I have just been to my aunt in Bangkok and her farang Husband read on this web site Single Girls

But thought I would try to get a story about me with on this page. So after have read a bit, it makes me try.

I live with my Thai Family in Phuket and I work at a McDonald Restaurant. That is a good job and it helps me and my Family pays their bills.

Also, can help my Thai sisters so she can go to school. Pay for the bus and everything else she needs. I work much overtime and get a good salary.

But I know that I am doing something good for my Thai Family’s future. my Thai sisters want to work in health care. I like to see romantic movies and comedies.

I have a small laptop that I usually turn on and I go to facebook and talk to my friends. And that’s the one I sit writing to you on.

I hope there’s someone who wants to see a single Thai Girl with a big heart that she would fill with love to you. Hug Wansan

Thai Romance

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