Thai Girl – Ting

Sawadee I am Ting a single Thai Girl that looking for an American Boyfriend. So, I have never been shy of me. Also, I have always loved my body and thought it is beautiful.

So, It’s was me and my friend was on the way from Bangkok to my friends home. We was in a hot car, and we see that small lake where we swim nude as young Thai Girls.

We joke a bit before we stop at the end of the lake. We are the only people around that lake. So, We start to take off our clothes.

My friend said you have a beautiful body. Please, can I take some photos of you among the water lilies? The photos have been on my mobile for a Year now.

I look on it some time and I don’t know why but when I see Single Girls Cupid I say this is why I have this photo.

To make you guys start to think about love and start to wish that I will be your Thai Girlfriend. I know I show my boobs ha ha ha.

But I hope you are a real man? And I hope you can see the beauty of my photo? I almost see it as art. It was a day of fun.

We played with our mobiles and I take some nice pictures of my buddy too. In case you guys are lucky you can see her too.

She just lost her boyfriend. She cries a lot but in time you guys can be a gentleman and make her a happy Thai Girl.

But to me. I am a Single Thai Girl that live in Bangkok. But I come from the Northern part of Thailand. I work with art in Bangkok.

Sometimes I work as a model and sometimes I am behind the camera or do some painting. I do many things but I believe in hard work and to have fun when you work.

I looking for a man that can see things in different ways like the photo of me. So, Maybe say is a nude photo bad Thai Girl ….

But I think is art or just a nice photo of me. I love my life and I love to travel in my car. Also, I love to cook food and I love to try new things.

This dating is new and I hope it will give me a Husband that is a real man. A man that is safe in himself and can be my rock. I will wait for you Ting


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