Thai Girl – Jaidee

Hello! I am a Single Thai Girl and My name is Jaidee So, I a Thai Girl and I work at a cafe in Surin. We serve most Thai Food but also some western food.

So, we have many guests coming from the big hotel across the road. We have many Farang who order American Breakfast in the morning.

Maybe you don’t know Farang? it’s a word we say for foreign people like Americans. So, next time you are in Thailand and go on a Thai market and you hear someone say Farang.

You can be pretty sure they’re talking about you. So, I have worked at the cafe for 2 years now it’s a good job and I get to work with what I like and I can speak English, which I like.

I have many friends but I am now searching for great love. I dream of meeting a farang. But I don’t care so much about the appearance.

But I look for is your personality and your heart. What I like is a man who likes to joke and laugh, and a man who likes to cuddle and be close to me.

My family and I live in Surin. I have two Thai sisters and one brother. My sisters are working in Bangkok and my brother works as a builder in Bangkok

I hope there is someone here who reads this and wants to talk to me. So, send me a message so we can talk about the future. Hug Jaidee

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