Singaporean Girls – Susan

Susan a 22 year old Singaporean Girl
HI! I am Susan a 22 year old Singaporean Girl that lives in Singapore and I work in a bakery that do bread and cakes that later sells in shops.

I always love to bake and I dream about open a small bakery if I can in the future a Girl need dreams to 5555. I find and I was thinking it is time for me to try to find some love.

So I hope you want to meet me a Singaporean Girl that believe n true love and I don’t like to play games I don’t want to meet guys that only want to have sex and want to see me nude in a webcam.

That happened to many of my Singaporean friends and is not fun. But I hope I will not find guys like that in these web sites. I know sexy and all that will come one day with love and so on.

I know that a good man understands that I am a good Singaporean Girl that not play games and only want true love and a good life together with you.

So I hope that you that send mail to me will think the same way as me so I don’t need to be worried that you only play with me. Hug from Susan

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