Singaporean Girls – Lim

HI! My name is Lim and I am a single Singaporean Girl that looking for an American Boyfriend I think the ones I see are nice and polite to me and my friends.

So, I think it can be a good match for me. I am looking for a gentleman that is romantic and love to give his Girlfriend flowers and love to drink wine to a romantic dinner.

I don’t drink much but to food I think is okay for me. I love to go out and be with friends, but I drink soft drinks and I don’t like guys that are being too drunk, so you know.

If you are fun and friendly is ok, but some get crazy and I don’t accept that in a man. So, what more I love my dog and I have an apartment and a small car.

I have a good life what I feel I not rich but not poor I have good work and no problem in my life. I just want to have a man that I can love.

A man that wants to live with me. So, let us talk and see if we match. Give it a change as I do. Don’t be alone anymore you and I need love. Hug Lim

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