Singaporean Girl – Yi Jia

Hi! Guys, I am Yi Jia and I am a single Singaporean Girl that looking for a Husband. I see this website and all the other Girls so I hope I can find my man.

So, I am a Singaporean Girl that Love to have fun and be with my friends. But I also, work hard and I have a small Bar with one of my friends.

Is hard work you can not believe that is a hard job to serve beer to your friends and take care of all guests that come in.

But is so many people don’t see. And the early start in the day after a long night. Ha ha ha maybe a Beer or 2 at the end of the night.

But is also fun and it gives so much and you meet new people all the time. But Some days like today I think about a life with a good man.

A good Husband that believe in Marriage and trust in His wife. I believe in that trust maybe I am crazy with all these apps like Tinder I think the name is?

I looking for a bit older man maybe that like the nightlife and bars and maybe likes to cook western food we plan to buy some more space next door.

So, a restaurant or disco me and my friend don’t know. We still talk about it. But maybe you can help us to make the choice?

So, Now you know I need your hear and I need your body Ha Ha Ha. So, Send me a mail and a photo. I hope we can talk soon. Hug Yi Jia

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