Singapore Girls – Megan

HI! I am a 20 year old Single Singapore Girls, my name is Megan I go in a Singapore school to learn to maintain databases and computer systems to large companies and banks,

and I have a year left with the six month internship as my Singapore school organizes. I am otherwise a very simple Single Singapore Girls who like to be with my Singapore friends, cook Singapore food, going to the movies, read Singapore books.

I live with my Singapore Family my mother works in a hospital and my dad is a doctor at a large hospital in Singapore I have 2 younger sisters. We go to church on Sundays I love to go to the church and sing to the lord.

I looking for a Foreign Christian man ho want to live with a Single Singapore Girl I can move from Singapore after my school is finished, but I want to meet you in Singapore before I go to your country so my Singapore Family can meet you and learn to know you. Big Hug Megan in Singapore

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