Singapore Girls – Jessica

Hello! I am a 23 year old Singapore Girl living in Singapore. My name is Jessica and I work at a Subway restaurant in Singapore where I worked for 3 years. I work part time at a Singapore night club that my brother and his Singapore friend own. I love to go dancing. But I do not like to drink so much.

But something I love to drink is Bacardi Beezer and a beer once in a while. Before I work full time on the night club but I have chosen to work at Subway because it’s too much drinking. When you’re working in the night club and customers and friends who want to buy you a drink it gets to be too much is not good.

I cannot stand all the drinking and I can have fun without getting drunk. But now I’m working with 2 -3 days a week and that is just right so my brother and his Singapore Friend get some time off. A Singapore Friend tells me about

So I thought that maybe I can meet a nice man here in as my Singapore Friend has done she was in Singapore to get a stamp in the passport she was going to her new boyfriend in England. I am as you see a hard working Singapore Girl who likes to have fun sometimes.

But I like being with my Singapore friends and is not a party Singapore Girl who just partying and looking for some fun. I am writing this because I want to meet a serious boyfriend and I want to marry and start a family when the time is right. If you are looking for something different do not need to write to me. Hug Jessica

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