Singapore Girl – Mai

Hi! I am a single Singapore Girl that is looking for a Boyfriend and I hope when love grows we get married one day.

So, I come to Single Girls Cupid to try to find a man that I can love. Also, I hope a foreign man that love Singapore and Singaporean Girls.

I hope someone like you that read this says YES I want a Singaporean Girlfriend like that Girl. I am a 25 years old Girl.

I think I am lucky and I have a good life. YES, I work like crazy but I make good money so I love to travel and I love the sea and the beach.

I have a big apartment in Singapore that is mine. I do a lot of online work so I have my office in my home for the most time.

But I go to my Job about 1 time a week. I work with law and investigations but I’m not a lawyer but someone must do these jobs too.

Like I say I love my job and it’s given me the freedom that I love to have. So, I come to Single Girl Cupid to meet a guy that is friendly.

Also, I hope you are a bit older maybe about 40 to 45 years old. But I am looking on you not your age and if you are friendly and nice to mee. Hug Mai

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