Russian Girl – Nikita

HI! My name is Nikita and I am a Russian Girl that looking for a Husband. So, I am a Single Russian Girl that lives in Moscow.

I am a Russian girl with a big part of Siberia and the Buryat people. I hope you love that it’s was my grandmother and a Russian army man.

They get my mother and now its time to pass my family history to the next generation. I have a good life and I work with the trading of gold and gems.

But I have a good boss that lets me make good money. He gives me the chance to buy thinks he thinks to give to little profit.

But for me is good and I build a good life. I have a nice car and a good apartment. But I work hard and long hours.

But I like to change that but buying and selling gold I can do where ever I live and I believe me and my future husband will have a good life.

I don’t look for a man to support me. I can support my self and my future Husband. But I looking for true love and a family man.

So, I love gold and Gems is what I live for trading but also, I love a good jeweler’s fine job sometimes I wish I can do some of that work.

I have been looking into that to find a good teacher and make the dream come true. But just now I am happy with my life here in Moscow.

So, do you want to meet me and talk to me? Are you looking for a Russian Girlfriend? Contact me and lets us talk about love and romance things. Hug Nikita

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