Philippines Girls – Bella

Hello! My name is Bella and is a happy 22 year old Philippines Girl who works as a staff in a small shop in Manila. I come from Cebu, where my Philippine family lives and my Philippine sister and Philippine brother.

I have worked in Manila for 4, 5 years now and have many friends here in Manila but would love to meet a kind and cheerful man who wants to see a happy and fun single Philippine Girl looking for love.

I’ve been single for 4 years now and do not have near a man. I had a Philippine boyfriend who just takes advantage of me and would now like to meet a real man who not only thinks about sex.

I work a lot but I have a nice little apartment in the suburbs of Manila, which I share with another Philippine Girl who is my Philippine friend.

I have a small laptop that I tend to surf and that’s where I find I hope my story comes in and that someone dares to answer for I am waiting for your answer. Big Hug Bella

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