Korean Girls – Ho Sook

Hello! My name is Ho Sook and is a 25 year old Korean Girl. I am an art-loving Korean Girl who likes to paint and I work at an art gallery here in Korea. I usually go for art courses as I can.

I love to paint with a pencil and on weekends I go to a park where I usually paint tourists who come and want a painting on their own face to take home. Sometimes I get requests to paint and then I usually ask it to come to my studio where I usually sit and paint in the evenings and nights.

I am a Single Korean Girl and one night when I was looking on the internet I needed some rest from my painting, I found by chance Singlegirlscupid.com and thought I would try to find love on this web page.

I am looking for a mature man who wants to live with a Korean Girl. I am open and like to meet new people and learn new things. I would love to meet an older mature man who is single and wants to marry a Korean Girl in the future. Big Hug Ho Sook, Korea

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