Korean Girls – Hana

Hello! I am a South Korean Single Girl named Hana. I am a 23 years old Korean Girl I Works at an animal hospital in Seoul as a veterinarian, I just got finished with my education and have only worked for 3 months but I love my job as a veterinarian.

I get to meet so many different people and I get to help sick animals that need my help, I have a small apartment that I share with my little Korean sister, my mom and dad live in Deagu they have a flower shop and have a good life.

I would love to meet a good man who would have been a long relationship with a Single Korean Girl. I am a Korean Girl who loves animals besides going to the movies and I love flowers,

I’m pretty good at cooking Korean Food so I hope you think about Korean Food. Hope you want to write to me. Big Hug Hana South Korea Seoul

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