Korean Girls – Hana

Hello! My name is Hana and is a 25 year old Korean Girl. I live with my Korean family in Daegu I work at a company and sit on a front desk and takes on clients who have appointments with our staff. I have just found Singlegirlscupid.com and thought I’d see if there is anyone who wants to meet a Korean Girl.

I am a Korean Girl who likes to take photos and I have a photo studio that I have to make some extra money by taking wedding photos and family photos. My dream is to live on a hobby and quit work at the office. I love being outdoors and take pictures of birds and animals; I wish I could travel more to get more wonderful pictures.

I often read in magazines about wonderful places as High Mountains with snow-clad peaks where you can meet Ibex jumping from ledge to ledge. I have many travel dreams that you see outside of my hobbies, I like to cook and be with my Korean friends. I am writing this because I want to meet a man who wants to meet an ordinary Korean Girl.

I am looking for a man who likes to travel and love animals and nature. Some guys at work say I’m a sexy Korean Girl who can get any man I want. But I never cared about sexy Korean guys so I hope you do not say this Korean Girl, I can never get to be my Korean Girlfriend and therefore does not write to me.

I’m tired of superficial Korean guys that are why I write here. Send me a mail with a photo and let me say if I like you or not and don’t judge yourself to a single life unnecessarily. Maybe one day you can have me as your Girlfriend? Do you not want that? Hug Hana

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