Korean Girls – Eun

Eun a Korean Girl
HI! My name is Eun I am a single Korean Girl. I work in a shop that sell Gold and Diamonds I love my work I know I never will have the money to a big Diamond but I don’t care about that is not me.

But my interest in diamonds and other stones is more like a hobby I love to read and study all about these stones as Rubies and Diamonds and see if I can see if it is genuine or copies which unfortunately is on the market.

I have also learned to grind stones and renovate jewelry. So this is my life and I like to go to my church I spend much of my free time in my church.

I like to travel to and I been in Thailand and China and I love to travel. I find Singlegirlscupid.com 6 month ago but I was not sure that this was my way to go to find love.

But now I will try and see if the Lord will open a door to the right man. I hope you are a man that love the lord like me and have a big heart and love to smile.

I hope you are looking for a long time relationship that end with that you want to marry me. Big hug Eun
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