Korean Girls – Bea

Bea a Korean Girl
HI! I am Bea a Single Korean Girl I live in Seoul and I help a family with the children and In return I get a free room and free food and I can study so I can make my dream come true.

I want to be a computer Wizard one day ha ha ha. I dream to create the next new big computer game that all people like to play and will talk about.

I have a year left in school but the time goes fast and I already do some small games for Mobiles and some down lode them and that I like is fun to get emails from happy people.

But back to LOVE, I hope I can meet a man in time that is a bit crazy and love computers so he understands me and my love for computers and together we can have a good life.

I think I can move from Korea but you must have a good internet line ha ha ha. Is my lifeline and then I can talk to my family every day if I like and my family is important for me and my sisters too.

I Hope I can meet an American or European man and if you are Christian is a big plus for me to. I love god and I go to Church and so on. Hug Bea

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