Japanese Girls – Yoshie

Hello! My name is Yoshie and is a happy Japanese Girl from Tokyo. I work for a Japanese company that sells shampoos conditioners and make up. I’m traveling salesman and therefore I go all over Japan.

It’s a good job and I have my own car and free gasoline. Things are going well for me and I can help my Japanese family. My dad is a Taxi driver in Tokyo and my younger sister is studying at one University in Tokyo.

My mom is living with her boyfriend but doesn’t want us to live with her so my dad takes care of us for many years. I Just find this new dating blog Singelgirlscupid.com so I was thinking maybe someone wants to meet a hardworking Japanese Girl. I want to meet a good man ho want a long time relationship.

I am a young Japanese Girl so we have many years together to start a family and live a good life. I don’t care if you are an older man.

But I want you to be a gentleman and a man who talk to me and care about what I want. I love Japanese music and I love singing can cook good food if you like Japanese food I am happy to do that for you every day. Hug Yoshie

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