Japanese Girls – Kaiya

Hello! My name is Kaiya and is a 24 year old Japanese Girl living in Tokyo. My friend Yoshie tell about this Web page and show me all her fine mail she received from Many foreign guys.

We have spent hours reading your email That We have received in respect and now Yoshie forced me to put an ad here on Singlegirlscupid.com. I am a single Shy Japanese Girl who does not Usually go for Date.

So I Hope That You are a kind and a gentleman. And I hope some of you who Have written to Yoshie might users to show not entered me as well. I am a Japanese Girl who likes older Asian History and enjoys traveling.

I hope That here at Singelgirlscupid.com to get what I want to meet a man like me. Who likes Asian History and Japanese food Because it’s my other hobby, I also try to Learn to cook Thai food, and is about to take a Thai cookery course here in Tokyo.

I hope your users to write to me and I hope my picture does not scare you. Usually, I do not show me up like this but Yoshie said That this picture is fine so I have to trust her. Hug Kaiya, Tokyo

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