Japanese Girls – Hana

Hana a Japanese Girl
Hello! My name is Hana and I live on a wonderful island here in Japan. I live on the island named Niijima. This is a wonderful island with beaches and an airport. I am a Japanese Girl who works at one of the Hotel on the island.

I like my job because I get to meet people from all values. I have friends on my Facebook from USA, UK, and Denmark and also from Japan, of course.

I write this because I’d like to meet someone who likes to travel. I can imagine living abroad if it is so that the love is there. I like a different language and I like to cook good Japanese food.

I am a happy and open Japanese Girl who likes to meet new people. I live in a small house here on Niijima I got it out of my Grandma and I have renovated the house bit by bit.

I love this house and there’s so much I want to do with the house. I hope that one day it will be finished so that I can take it easy and I can invite my friends. I hope I can find someone who wants to share his life with me. Hug Hana

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