Japanese Girls – Aiko And Aya

Hello! We are two single Japanese Girls who are studying in Tokyo. My name Aiko and my friend called Aya standing next to me. I come from Tokyo and my Japanese Family has a number of stores around Tokyo and the nearest towns. I’m lucky in that I have a good Japanese Family with money can pay for my education.

I dream of becoming a Japanese Teacher so that I can help young Japanese people with an education. I have about 8 months left, but then I was thinking that I would do some work and maybe try to find a foreign boyfriend and move abroad and work a few years to get a real experience and then move back to Japan to work.

I am looking for a man that have the same dreams that I live and work in Japan. I want to finish my studies here in Tokyo to then see if my dreams of love can be true. I thought we could start gently and then we can see what happens after I received your email.

I am an ordinary Japanese Girl who loves books and I like languages and, in addition to Japanese and English, so I can Chinese, I think it can become an important language in the future.

I would love to learn more languages because I have discovered that I have a tendency that, and I think it’s funny. I enjoy reading a good book. I like to cook Japanese food to the delight of the Japanese Girls who live in the same apartment.

We are a great group of Japanese students who help each other to study so my studies are going well for all of us. I write here to meet someone looking for a well-educated Japanese Girl I hope you will soon write to your Aiko BIG HUG I Wait for you!!

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